Critter Box

  • Critter Box 
  • ca. 6x11cm
  • CB-1
  • 4040483691254


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Which breeder does not know this? There are many young animals to be raised that can only be... more

Which breeder does not know this? There are many young animals to be raised that can only be kept one by one due to the risk of cannibalism.
The Lucky Reptile Critter Box was designed for the scenario and excellent for raising spiderlings and baby mantids. Thanks to feeding hatch even large amounts of these mini vivariums can be maintained with little time effort. The “Twist and Lock” function prevents accidental opening and also allows adjusting the ventilation to a certain amount. The high top section significantly minimizes the risk of escape of the animals as mantids and tree spiders tend to flee upwards. Another advantage of the construction is that tree spiders can build their nets in the top part and these stay intact even when the box is opened. If desired a small LED (e.g. Lucky Reptile Night Sky) can installed in the hole of the feeding hatch.

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