Tropical Turf - Peat Panel

  • Tropical Turf - Torfplatte 40 cm 
  • ca. 40x20x3 cm
  • TT-1
  • 4040483643062


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The peat panels are a purely natural product. They consist ofso-called white peat, i.e. the... more
The peat panels are a purely natural product. They consist ofso-called white peat, i.e. the fibers of the peat mosses thattransform themselves into the peat can still be recognized.The fibers offer good hold and humidity to plants. Thepanels can be used as a floor covering or as backgroundthat will turn green after a while. However,the material is not suitable for a background which isdrenched in water like with xaxim! Due humic acidof the white peat the pH value is low between 3-4.This guarantees that also always humid panels platesdo not get mouldy and decompose only slowly. Withcontinuous moistening the panel will start to go greenwith plants (mainly moss) by itself. By rubbing off thedamp panel with living moss you can accelerate thegrowth of something green.Tip: As peat has very little nutrients, it is necessary to add fertilizerfor most plants or you have to focus on plants that like sour soil.
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