Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium

Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium


Why do terrariums have to be made of glass? Wood is also an excellent material to build... more

Why do terrariums have to be made of glass? Wood is also an excellent material to build practical and nicely designed terrariums. The Lucky Reptile FurniTarriums are made of high quality, coated MDF boards and are like a piece of furniture. Compared to glass vivariums they have several advantages. The wood construction with Maple or Beech coating blends in nicely in the living room and can be choosen optically fitting to the rest of the furniture. In addition, wood is a much better insulation material then glass, helping to reduce the required energy for running a terrarium, something to consider when looking at today‘s rising energy costs. In addition to the lower operating costs there are further advantages. It is for example no problem to drill additional holes where desired to install lighting or other things and you can stack several terrariums on top of each other without the need for a shelf. Also the animals will feel safer and well protected inside a wooden terrarium compared to a glass tank. The wooden terrarium offers protection of sight everywhere excecpt the front while in glass vivariums the animal has to pay attention to all sides which causes a lot of stress. An animal will feel home much quicker inside a wooden terrarium and will show a more natural behaviour thanks to the reduced stress. The front screens are made of tempered glass for maximum safety. These glass screens will not break when dropped to the floor. Stick-On plastic handles are included. For ensuring optimal ventilation, large ventilation areas have been installed to the front and backside. A cable leadthrough can be found in the back, which will also accomodate big Schuko or UK plugs. The Furni-Tarriums are shipped flat-packed. This ensures easy, safe and inexpensive transport. In case of a move you can also simply take apart your terrarium again for easier transport. For a waterproof sealing on the inside a tube of silicone is included. Wooden vivariums increase the safety feeling of the animals due to only one “open” side.

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